The award-winning Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab restaurant was established by founder Harry Lau in 1982 in Eastlake, soon became the best-kept secret dining scene for Sydney Epicureans. After a few moves during the years, opened its current door at 188 Elizabeth St, Sydney.

For more than three decades the restaurant endeavoured nothing else but to provide the best quality live seafood to our loyal followings. Daily fresh shipments packed and delivered from Queensland mangroves within hours of catch, cooked to perfection and served to both local and overseas gastronomes.

The quintessential dining experience the restaurant has to offer including star dishes like Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab, Singapore Black Pepper Crab, Golden Salted Egg Prawns Crab and South Indian Dry Curry Crab. You can always delved into the adventurous hundred dishes menu and attempt lobster sashimi, live swimming fishes and other Asian dishes.

Last and foremost is the inspired cocktail and wine list, from the 1915 Raffles Hotel Singapore Sling to the classic Long Island Ice Tea.